• Teen, firefighter in court after video emerges of fight at local park


    PITTSBURGH - Cellphone video sent to Channel 11 in June showed an adult man sitting on top of a 13-year-old boy, and refusing to let him leave a Greenfield playground. Both parties were in court Friday.

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    According to police, Thomas D'Andrea, a Pittsburgh firefighter, told officers he believed the teen was vandalizing the playground and a nearby abandoned truck.

    D'Andrea's defense attorney said he called 911 after seeing the teen in a truck that didn't belong to him.

    In court, the teen victim testified, saying he did speak back to D'Andrea after he told him he better leave because the police were coming. He said he told D'Andrea he wasn't going to leave.

    When police arrived, they testified that they did see a red mark on D'Andrea's face, but the teen's attorney Blaine Jones said his client did nothing to instigate the altercation.

    Watch a full report from Channel 11's Joe Arena above.



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