Firework sales are strong leading to the Fourth of July

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — With the July 4th weekend just two weeks away, sales of fireworks in the Pittsburgh region are going fast.

“We live for the big holidays and family get togethers and everything,” said Melissa Beam, who was buying her haul at Phantom Fireworks in Monroeville on Friday. “We are having a picnic and swim party late afternoon and my son-in-law just lives for these; he loves it.”

Last year, many of the big community firework shows were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which business owners say actually helped their bottom line.

“Even though the events were cancelled. more people were coming to Phantom because they wanted to do more of their backyard shows and getting families together despite Covid,” said Mike Marcis, co-manager of the Monroeville Phantom Fireworks. “So we ended up selling out most of our products for the first time.”

Officials are also stressing fireworks safety while enjoying the holiday, and tips on that can be found here.