Hundreds of complaints made to Pittsburgh Fireworks Task Force

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh’s Fireworks Task Force had another busy night, responding to more than 150 fireworks complaints on July 4.

Of the 158 overnight complaints, police said several resulted in fires in multiple parts of the city.

  • At 451 Mt. Pleasant Road, the task force investigated a trash can fire caused by still-smoldering fireworks that were discarded.
  • At 2055 Hazeldale St., a sparkler discarded into a box against a house caught fire. The fire was extinguished by Zone 3 units before spreading to the structure.
  • A dumpster fire in the 2400 block of Bracey Drive was sparked by several boxes of still-smoldering fireworks that were thrown away after being shot off. Engine 16 put out the fire.
  • In Lewis Park in Zone 4, multiple fireworks were shot off at a party with more than 200 people in attendance, resulting in a reported fire on a basketball court. Garbage and fireworks boxes, cases, wrappers and tubes littered the streets around and within the park.
  • Also in Zone 4, a vehicle fire was sparked by fireworks embers landing on the car. Neighbors extinguished the fire.

Multiple warnings were issued, particularly in the Hazelwood area, where there were 32 fireworks complaint calls, police said.

The Fireworks Task Force began its nightly enforcement efforts on June 22, leading up to the Fourth of July weekend.

Police also reported more than 80 calls the day before, with multiple fire incidents.