Flames engulf tractor-trailer, fuel pumps at turnpike service plaza

NEW STANTON, Pa. — Gas is now available for drivers at the New Stanton Service Plaza (I-76WB mile 77.6) after a tractor-trailer and fuel pumps went up in flames early Tuesday morning.

Pennsylvania Turnpike officials said the Plaza is still unable to sell diesel fuel at this time.

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Officials said the truck had a brake fire when it pulled up shortly after 3 a.m. to the diesel pumps at the New Stanton service plaza at milepost 77.6 westbound. The driver said he wasn’t aware of the fire.

The flames tore through the truck, which officials said was hauling paper, and caused significant damage to the pumps near it.

PHOTOS: Tractor-trailer catches fire at fuel pumps at turnpike service plaza

Another truck driver, Jack Tripper, was sleeping when the fire started.

“It was hard to get in here last night, and I finally got a spot in here. I laid down and went to sleep, and about an hour later I heard a loud boom,” Tripper said.


Youngwood Fire Chief Lloyd Crago tweeted that a piece of the tractor-trailer missed him by about two feet when the truck exploded.

The fire burned for about 30 minutes before firefighters were able to put it out. No one was hurt.

The service plaza was fully closed as a precaution until shortly after 5:30 a.m., at which point restaurant and restroom services resumed.

Turnpike officials said gasoline service will not be restored until after the tractor-trailer is removed. Regular gasoline will be restored first, but an engineer is needed before diesel fuel can be pumped again.

Shortly after 3AM this morning we were called to assist Mt Pleasant VFD with a working tractor trailer fire that was...

Posted by Youngwood Volunteer Fire Dept. on Tuesday, June 11, 2019