Greensburg home damaged by fire, good Samaritans help neighbors out of their homes

GREENSBURG, Pa. — The fire that damaged three homes on Harrison Avenue in Greensburg Thursday morning was not suspicious, according to Greensburg Fire Chief Tom Bell.

Bell believes it started in the basement and was electrical in nature.

”So grateful. That’s my only daughter. I don’t know what I’d do without that child or my grandchildren. They’re my life,” Tina Underwood said.

Underwood’s daughter lives next door to where the fire destroyed a home, and made it out thanks in part to a few good Samaritans.

”I’m so happy … [and want to] thank the person who knocked on my child’s door and said get out,” Underwood said.

The person driving by who called 911 was Cheryll Chakrabarti.

”There was all this smoke.”

Chakrabarti was driving by on Harrison Avenue and saw the smoke and called 911 as her cousin, Gary Demus, ran over to knock on their doors.

”I banged on the lady’s door next door. She must’ve been asleep because I kept banging and kept banging and yelling. She asked who am I, what I’m doing, and I said there’s a fire next door, get out,” Demus said.

”My thought process is someone might be in that house, and I had to stop because it was the right thing to do,” Chakrabarti said.

The fire chief said flames were chewing through the house when he pulled up.

No one was home at the time, but they hit extra alarms for more fire crew, and had to battle the wind fanning the flames.

”The wind played a huge factor here on this house. The wind was just whipping this fire up and down in the back. It was fully involved in the back,” Bell said.

For these families, they’re just thankful to be walking away without anyone getting hurt.

”We don’t need a house. We got our daughter, that’s all we need,” Ed Underwood said.