• Flooding across the area after heavy rain moves through for second day


    Flooding continued across the area as heavy rain and storms moved through again Sunday morning. 


    Allegheny County - Sunday


    The Bathtub section of the Parkway West was flooded Sunday morning because of a clogged inlet.

    Franklin Park

    Rochester Road was closed from King William Drive to Sloop Road.

    South Fayette Township

    Flash flooding occured in South Fayette Township.

    Millers Run Road was closed in several spots. The road started buckling and a section near the guardrail collapsed, leaving a 3-foot deep hole.

     South Fayette residents said they haven't seen anything this bad since Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

    Allegheny County - Saturday


    Route 51 at Bausman Street was flooded and a stretch of the road was shut down until around 11 p.m. Saturday.

    Several cars were under water on Route 51 near Edgebrook Avenue.

    A section of East Carson Street was closed at Becks Run Road. There was lot of debris left behind.

    A viewer sent us a photo of Baldwin Road in Pittsburgh's Hays neighborhood under water.

    Dakota Halt

    Hasyon Avenue in Banksville also flooded when heavy rain moved through.

    Residents have had problems with flooding in this area for months.The PWSA have been trying to find a fix. 


    A viewer sent photos to Channel 11 Aaron Martin of flooding in Oakdale.

    He said several businesses including Huckleberries Market and Pepperoncinis Bar and Restaurant flooded.



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