Flooding affects thousands across area

Days of rain has caused flooding across the Pittsburgh area and have affected thousands of people.

Allegheny County, along with Pitcairn, Munhall, White Oak, Dravosburg and Glassport, declared a disaster emergency.

The county's emergency management agency told Channel 11 the water will continue to rise before the situation gets better.

Allegheny County

Downtown Pittsburgh

A flood warning has been issued through Tuesday morning with the flood stage reaching 25 feet in the Ohio River.

The 10th Street Bypass and the bathtub section of the Parkway are closed, and there is no parking at the Mon Wharf.

Mayor Bill Peduto told Channel 11 he's asking for commuters and residents to be patient while the city works as quickly as possible to reopen roadways.

River rescue and swift-water rescue teams were both alerted and are on standby with boats in areas where flooding may happen.

Landslides, broken pipes and other infrastructure problems have been an issue in the city with recent rainfall.

Peduto admits it's become a financial issue.

"We've been spending millions of dollars on not just the landslides, but just all of the associated problems," Peduto said.

The city is now working to open roads as quickly as possible but the mayor told Channel 11 this is historic rain we're dealing with  and he's asking for patience.

"Whenever there is this type of, amount of water, it has an effect on the ground below us, which has an affect on antiquated pipes, and we've seen breaks on a daily basis much more than we have in the past," Peduto said.

Watch a full report below from Channel 11's Marlisa Goldsmith. 

Elizabeth Township

Fire department sirens could be heard across Elizabeth Township on Monday afternoon.

In Blythsdale, the water spilled over riverbanks and filled two streets, where residents kayaked.

All along the river in Elizabeth Township, homes were flooding, cars were underwater and families were evacuating or distracting themselves from the fear of what they’d find when they got home.

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Boaters in the McKeesport Marina spent the day watching and waiting.

Two boaters told Channel 11 their boats were already underwater and more feared theirs would be lost by the end of the day.

A landslide also took down a part of the hill on the side of Eden Park Boulevard, causing it to be closed in both directions.

Our crews saw the effect of flooding firsthand when driving to McKeesport Monday afternoon.

Water covered part of an underpass on Old William Penn Highway in Penn Hills. The public boat launch in Braddock was also underwater.

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The emergency management director of Pitcairn declared a state of emergency due to a large amount of flooded areas.

Sewer lines that are underneath a creek that runs through the neighborhood are backed up and is causing many homes and businesses to flood.

The Pitcairn police chief and several emergency crews have been working around the clock pumping water, cleaning and making sure residents are okay.

One business was evacuated and several residents left their homes.

The Pitcairn Police Department is getting help from the Red Cross.

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Pleasant Hills

Kenny Keyock spent hours Monday morning cleaning up sewer water that had flooded his basement.

He told Channel 11 this was the fourth time it has happened this year.

He said his house is in a dip along Broadway Drive and he believes the storm sewer and sanitary sewer lines are somehow tied together, which is leading to a mess inside his home.

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Washington County

South Franklin Township

One of the areas hardest hit by the heavy rains and flooding is in Washington County.

Channel 11 saw several cars driving through high water on West Chestnut Street in North Franklin Township, near the entrance to the I-70 exit ramp.

Business owners told Channel 11 this has been happening in the area every time it rains hard.

It’s a safety issue, and a township supervisor wants it to be resolved soon.

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Westmoreland County

Sutersville/Derry/West Newton

The Youghiogheny River has stretched well beyond its banks and is flooding out homes and businesses and causing main roads in the town to be closed.

Evacuations started early this morning and continued throughout the day as the river crept into town and washed out First Avenue.

Residents in Sutersville and West Newton told Channel 11 that flooding hasn't been this bad since 1972, when Hurricane Agnes hit.

The borough closed roads as rain continued to fall Monday afternoon.

Local fire departments have been working 24/7.

People in both towns are now bracing for things to get worse.

There are also precautionary flood evacuations in Derry Township. Residents who live downstream are being encouraged to move to higher ground.

Officials with Westmoreland Public Safety said residents who choose to evacuate should go to Derry High School.

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