Flush and Boil Water Advisory lifted for parts of Stanton Heights, Garfield

PITTSBURGH — A precautionary Flush and Boil Water Advisory was issued for parts of Stanton Heights and Garfield Saturday after there was damage reported from crews during T-Mobile construction.

According to the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, the damage occurred in the area around Garfield Tank. The damage caused a pump issue at the tank and depleted water pressure. When there is a loss of water pressure, the agency reports contaminants can enter the drinking water.

About 300 households were impacted by the advisory. Water buffaloes for affected customers were placed at:

  • Engine 7: Intersection of Stanton Avenue and Hawthorne Street
  • Near the intersection of North Aiken Avenue at Mossfield Street

The advisory applies to water used for consumption. Customers within the impacted area should do the following before using water for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth, and food preparation until further notice.

The advisory was lifted Monday afternoon.