Former Cal U player sues NCAA over development of ALS

Former Cal U player sues NCAA over development of ALS

PITTSBURGH — It's a first of its kind case filed against the NCAA here in Pittsburgh. A former firefighter and player for Cal U is alleging his head trauma caused him to develop ALS.

Matt Onyshko was the center of the civil case, playing quarterback for Cal U back from 1999 to 2003. His attorneys argued the concussions and head trauma he suffered while playing caused him to develop the degenerative disease, ALS.

“We’re excited to finally get some justice,” explained Onyshko's attorney Jason Luckasevic.

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Onyshko and his wife were in court Friday when the attorneys for the NCAA told the jury that ALS is not caused by head trauma and Onyshko’s attorneys are trying to show causation between football and ALS where there is none.


The defense showed the jury enormous binders they said were filled with testimony and analysis from the scientific community that will prove their argument that the causes of ALS are largely unknown.

This case is expected to take quite some time, with jurors likely to hear three to four weeks of testimony.

Onyshko’s attorney had successfully brought cases like this before against the NFL and a wrongful death lawsuit against the NCAA on behalf of a player in Texas.