Former ride-share driver accused of following woman into hotel, raping her

ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A former Lyft driver in the Pittsburgh area has been arrested for a 2017 assault, Channel 11 learned Friday.

Ross Township police say Darrel Hardy, 30, raped a female passenger at a hotel on McKnight Road in July 2017.

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Hardy was allegedly driving the woman and a friend to their hotel, and then followed them inside. Police said they didn't invite him in, but they also didn't tell them to leave.

At one point, the women fell asleep and the victim later woke up to Hardy sexually assaulting her.

Police said they were able to identify Hardy as a suspect shortly after the alleged attack, but he had just moved to Iraq to work as a contractor for a year.

In September 2018. police again tried to get in touch with Hardy, and learned he was in Allegheny County Jail on homicide charges stemming from a shooting in East Pittsburgh.

"We had our person identified and our suspect we were pretty sure of throughout the case but trying to locate him and to bring this to a resolution for our victim is a wonderful thing," Ross police Sgt. Brian Kohlhepp said.