Water pours into garages and yards after pipe breaks

Water pours into garages and yards after pipe breaks

FOX CHAPEL, Pa. — A water main break sent feet of water pouring into neighbors' garages and yards.

The rushing water buckled a portion of the road, too.

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Some neighbors have totaled cars or can't get out of their driveways.

"You can see the water line on this car then up to about there," explained Tom Haykin. He showed Channel 11 the mess he's left to clean up.

"There is like slimey mud everywhere in the bottom of the house," he said. "I lost a 65 Corvette and a 2017 Grand Sport Corvette."

Chunks of buckled road floated into a pile in Haykin's driveway.

The water main break occurred right at the end of a neighbor's driveway where the road buckled. She said it was the fourth water main break she's dealth with and said Fox Chapel Water Authority needs to take more responsibility.

Because it was Sunday, WPXI was not able to get in touche with the Fox Chapel Water Authority.