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Frozen library on display in Russia

A unique seasonal library has popped up in Russia.

The library is made completely of ice and allows visitors to title their own frozen books.

Located along Russia's Lake Baikal, the library and its sculptors record the hopes and dreams of those who visit by inscribing messages on the frozen books for others to see.


Each year, the library's organizers encourage people to submit their messages for consideration.

People send in postcards or visit the library in person to deliver their wishes.

The sculptors then begin their work in many different languages.

Among the many dreams carved in ice are those of becoming a journalist and seeing the northern lights.

Over 220 tons of ice now stand sculpted along the lake's shoreline.

The frozen books will eventually give way to spring's rising temperatures, and the library will melt and return to the lake.

It will return next winter, ready for new books and new dreams for inscription.

In the meantime, a music hall made of ice is under construction, with a first concert planned for mid-February.