• People told to open their windows after gas fumes seeping up through sewers


    CHARLEROI, Pa. - Open your windows, flush soapy water down sewer drains and call 911 if you're feeling sick: That's what people living in Charleroi were instructed to do as officials said "there is nothing more the fire department can do" following gas fumes seeping up through sewers.

    Firefighters were called to the scene of a mysterious gasoline smell Friday night. Around 40 homes had to have their windows open, fans out and several families had to evacuate. 

    Fire officials said the smell was being reported all along McKean Avenue and was moving into other areas.

    Fire Chief Robert Whiten told us firefighters went door to door warning everyone, with concerns of a possible explosion.

    Firefighters and the department spent days working and investigating over a four-block radius, trying to find the source of the smell, venting the area by removing manholes.

    On Monday afternoon, they traced the leak to a Gulf Gas station in town, where they discovered a tank overflowed.

    Officials said they are looking at the gas station's overfill prevention equipment trying to determine a cause. They are still investigating. 

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