• Good Samaritan helps family pay fee to claim dog from humane society


    BUTLER, Pa. - UPDATE 4 p.m.: A Butler County family was reunited with its dog, who they say was being held captive at the Butler County Humane Society.

    A good Samaritan helped the family pay the $220 fee that the shelter was charging them for care the dog received after it had run away.

    The fee was originally more than $500.



    A local family was relieved to find their missing dog at a humane society. 

    Daryl Claypoole said he left his dog outside to go to the bathroom, when the animal chewed through his collar and took off.

    Claypoole said his family has been upset since Tubby ran and vanished a few weeks ago.

    Thanks to social media, the family found out Tubby is at the Butler County Humane Society.

    There, he's known as Finn, and Claypoole can't get him back without the right amount of cash.

    “Five hundred and fifty-two dollars. I don't have that kind of money. I'm on a fixed income. I just want my dog,” Claypoole said.

    Jill Hall, with the humane society, says the dog wasn't microchipped, making it harder for them to find the dog's owners.

    “Unfortunately, they can't tell us where they belong, so after 48 hours, we get them ready for adoption,” Hall said.

    Channel 11 learned the fee has been reduced from more than $500 to $220.

    Claypoole admits he hasn't been to the society to even identify his dog.

    “Because if I do, I'll cause trouble because they won't give me my dog back,” Claypoole said.

    “Those vet bills for us are not free. We do have to pay those costs so once an owner comes forward, they do have to incur the cost to reclaim their animal,” Hall said.


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