Graduation Day: Baby leaving Children's NICU dressed in cap and gown

PITTSBURGH — There was plenty of pomp and circumstance at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

A little boy who had been in the NICU for months was finally going home, and the hospital staff made sure the milestone was celebrated.

Bodie Blodgett was dressed in a tiny cap and gown and was carried from the hospital to cheers and smiles.

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“Just the simplest, kindest gesture that meant the world to this family of four,” said Todd Blodgett, Bodie’s father.

When Bodie was born, he was unable to breathe or eat on his own.
He spent two months at the NICU at Children's and was finally well enough to go home.

The hospital staff held pom poms and balloons. Bodie also received a certificate showing how long he had been cared for in the NICU.

It was just the beginning of a lifetime of memories.

“I'm grateful for the bad situation that we've been dealt,” said Nicole Blodgett, Bodie’s mother. “We will hopefully be coming out on the right end of everything, one of these days."