Repaired sidewalks back open on Grandview Avenue

A portion of the sidewalk has collapsed on Grandview Avenue near the Monongahela Incline. Channel 11 has learned a tractor trailer ran over the sidewalk before it collapsed. Read more here: Subscribe to WPXI: Connect with WPXI online: Download our FREE apps:

PITTSBURGH — The breathtaking vista of downtown Pittsburgh and the three rivers from atop Grandview Avenue is accessible once again now that the sidewalks have been repaired.

Officials with the City of Pittsburgh said this was the first renovation work done to the sidewalks since the 1980s.

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In late August, a portion of the sidewalk collapsed near the Mon Incline after a tractor-trailer drove onto it while trying to turn.

In June, another portion of the sidewalk and three viewing platforms were closed due to the crumbling concrete. Barriers were put up to keep people away from the sections in need of repair.

People could even see daylight under the concrete as it started crumbling away before repairs.

Here's what the sidewalks looked like before and after the renovation work: