Mom, 2 daughters accused of stealing $250K from company

GREENSBURG, Pa. — State Police say a mom and her two daughters racked up nearly $250,000 in charges on a company credit card that didn't belong to them.

Laurie Christ worked as a bookkeeper for the Connors Group in Westmoreland County for 11 years.

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"She started making these purchases and funneling the money from the Connors Group to fund her own and her daughters' own lifestyles. She started back in 2015," Pennsylvania State Trooper Steve Limani said.

Amanda Christ, who also worked for the company, and Lyndsey Christ are both charged as well.

"Once you start doing it, you fall down that spiral pit. 'Well, first I can just pay for my gas, then I can pay for my daughters' gas,' and it goes to that and you're funding major expenses," Limani said.

Investigators said Laurie told her daughters they could make personal purchases with the cards.

It wasn't until the company president picked up on some discrepancies and asked to see the spending records that the extent of the alleged theft was discovered.

"He started to realize it didn't seem right, mathematically, how much money the company was making to how much money they had. He confronted her to see the books and go through them," Limani said.