• Greensburg man learns online threats against police taken very seriously


    A Greensburg man learned this week that what you post online can actually land you in jail.

    Police say Nicholas Sinclair posted comments on a Facebook page threatening police officers. 

    A news story was shared on a page called "I'm so Greensburg" about officers being assaulted, and Sinclair allegedly made comments on the thread including "Should have killed them instead" and "that's why when I go on my rampage I'll be taking blue lives haha…" 


    Some concerned citizens saw the posts and reported it to police because they viewed the comments as a threat toward law enforcement. 

    When officers showed up at Sinclair’s Main Street apartment, he said he knew why they were there.

    Only Channel 11 was there for Sinclair’s arraignment on Friday, and he told us he wasn't being serious.

    Channel 11 asked, "Nicholas, did you mean what you said by those posts?" When he replied, "No," we asked if it was a joke.

    "Yeah, to me it was," he replied. "I don't know, I wasn't trying."

    But the judge took things very seriously. He told Sinclair what you post online is essentially the same as what you say in person. 

    The judge set Sinclair’s bond at $75,000 straight.


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