Gross' family warns of scammer trying to profit off missing woman case

Missing woman's mother upset by scammers' attempt to profit off disappearance

LATROBE, Pa. — It’s been more than three weeks since anyone heard from Cassandra Gross and her family is now dealing with even more turmoil from her disappearance.

Gross’ cousin posted a warning about a possible scammer trying to capitalize on the missing persons case. The scammer said Gross was kidnapped and being held for ransom, and the poster left a phone number to text right away.

“It's a scam. Don't pay any attention to it; tell them to bug off,” said Kathe Gross, Cassandra's mother.

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“It’s a scammer asking for $2,000 in random to be sent via Western Union claiming this is what they do, kidnap people and that they have 9 people someplace... this is disgusting and I hope the police find them,” Gross' cousin said in an online post.

Channel 11 talked to investigators involved with Cassandra’s case. They told us they’re looking into the situation.


Cassandra's relatives told Channel they want this warning to be shared.

“The crazies crawl out of the woodwork at a time like this," Kathe Gross said. "They don't care about the victim or the victim’s families."

Cassandra's friend saw the post and began messaging the guy who claimed to have her. Here are just some of the disturbing things that man said:

  • "You need to send the money now."
  • "she is sick and needs medical attention"
  • "if you act smart by telling anyone about this she is dead"

He even sent a photoshopped picture, claiming it’s Cassandra with tape over her mouth.

“They told her that they would kill Cassie and throw her in a pit,” Kathe Gross said.

It's been more than three weeks since Cassandra Gross disappeared.

“Every day, every minute, is like an hour, and every hour is like a day, and every day is like a month,” Kathe Gross said. “The minutes are so long when you’re sitting here waiting for the knock on the door and you know it’s not coming because the person that did it isn’t going to tell."

The family created a Gofundme page to raise reward money for anyone who knows where Cassandra is.

If they don’t get answers, they will use the money to cover her rent and utilities. They told Channel 11 they are paying those bills to secure the things inside her apartment because, at this point, they can’t get inside to get her things until police give them the OK.