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Group calls for hate crime investigation into high school fight

COLLIER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — New video shows a fight between two girls inside Chartiers Valley High School.

The fight and those involved are under investigation.

A viewer submitted the video, which allegedly shows an altercation between two Chartiers Valley High School students, to Channel 11.

In the video, one girl is seen leaving the bathroom as another approaches her.


It's difficult to make out what is being said, but after a brief back-and-forth, one girl lunges toward the other as she leaves the bathroom stall and begins punching her.

The Chartiers Valley School District said in a statement that it:

"...does not condone or tolerate violence of any kind and will enforce consequences to the fullest extent..."

Collier Township police are aware of the fight and investigating.

In a statement, a spokesperson said charges are pending.

A student who knows the girls involved told Channel 11 the school district is taking disciplinary action against one of the students, confirming what the district said.

The student also said the other girl involved was hospitalized and has since been released, which Channel 11 is working to confirm.

A group called Council on American-Islamic Relations in Pittsburgh, also known as CAIR-Pittsburgh, is calling on lawmakers to investigate this case as a possible hate crime.

The victim was wearing a head scarf. CAIR said she moved to the United States four years ago after spending more than two years in refugee camps outside Syria.

CAIR is offering legal support to the student's family.

While police said charges are pending, they do not believe the incident was racially motivated.