Gun rights advocates file new lawsuit on Pittsburgh's gun legislation

PITTSBURGH — It was in April when gun rights supporters walked into municipal court, hoping to file charges against Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and City Council members, but their complaints were not accepted.

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Gun advocates say their rights were violated once Peduto signed new gun legislation into law.

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The legislation signed in April makes it illegal to load, brandish, display, discharge, point or otherwise use an assault weapon within the city.

Gun Owners of America Pennsylvania Director Val Finnell said they're now taking the case to civil court, recently filing a lawsuit against District Attorney Stephen Zappala.

In the suit, gun rights advocates claim Zappala "breached his duty as chief law enforcement officer" and  refused "further action and gave no written explanation for the said denial."


Legal expert Phil DiLucente said this legal maneuver may not have legs to stand on because the city hasn't acted on enforcement of the legislation.

"The civil action will be dismissed because there is no chance of it being enforced. It's clearly a paper bull," DiLucente said.

"We don't think that is correct. There are legal opinions are the illegal acts happened when the mayor signed the legislation" Finnell said.

As for the civil suit, we reached out to the district attorney's office. They said no comment.

There's no word yet on when this case will go before a judge.