Gun rights groups claims sign outside City-County Building violates state law

Gun rights group claims sign outside City-County Building is illegal

PITTSBURGH — A new sign has popped up outside the City-County building ahead of a planned gun rights demonstration, but one advocacy group says it's illegal and not entirely accurate.

The sign says guns aren't allowed inside the building, and Firearms Owners Against Crime has threatened to take the city to court over it.

“The signage that they have up saying there's no firearms allowed in the city building is actually illegal and not correct,” said group president Kim Stolfer.

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Stolfer says, under state law, guns are allowed inside the City-County Building. They just have to be stored safely inside a locker, something that sign didn't specify.


“Once again, the city of Pittsburgh and their solicitor are violating Pennsylvania law,” he said.

When Channel 11 reached out to the city about the sign, they sent us pictures of two other signs posted stating that lockers are available for gun storage free of charge.

All of this comes ahead of a planned protest Monday against the city's proposed gun control bills.

Stolfer says the longer the city considers the legislation, the more it will cost taxpayers.

"What's going to end up happening is the city of Pittsburgh constituents, the citizens, are going to end up paying the legal cost,” he said.