• Hays bald eagles lay first egg of the year


    PITTSBURGH - The Hays bald eagles have laid their first egg of the year. 
    The eagles were spotted with their egg in their nest along the Monongahela River Tuesday morning.  

    Eagles typically lay eggs with 2-4 day intervals between each egg; they hatch in about 35 days.  The adult eagles will take turns on the nest, so the egg is never left unattended.  

    Last year, the Hays eagles lost a nest during a windstorm on Feb. 12, but quickly reconstructed a second nest.  Although they couldn't see the hatch, the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania confirmed the hatch based on the adult eagles' behavior. 

    The Hays birds are the first bald eagles to breed in Pittsburgh's city limits in more than 150 years.

    There is another nesting pair of eagles in Harmar. 




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    Hays bald eagles lay first egg of the year

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