Hazmat crews called to scene of truck, 2-car collision

Hazmat crews called to scene of truck, 2-car collision

The driver of a dump truck was taken to a hospital after a collision with at least two cars Friday.

The truck, weighing at least 8 tons, collided with the cars on Steubenville Pike. The impact was so violent that it sent truck parts flying in all directions.

One car hit a mailbox and crashed into the curb.

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Witnesses told Channel 11 the driver of the truck had to be pulled out and seemed stunned by the collision on the two-lane highway connecting Crafton and Robinson Township.

Drivers on their way to lunch and work got stuck in a 5-mile back up in each direction. Some drivers were so angry, they walked up to police at the scene to demand Route 60 open back up.

The road wasn’t opened until a hazmat crew arrived to clean up a massive spill of oil and gas from the wrecked dump truck.

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