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Head judge says it’s time to acknowledge systemic racism in Allegheny County’s courts

PITTSBURGH — The head judge said in a letter posted to the Allegheny County court’s website that it is time to acknowledge systemic racism in the county judicial system.

President judge Kim Berkeley Clark said in the open letter that there is an “uneven playing field on which racial and ethnic minorities, those who do not squarely fit into traditional gender roles, other disadvantaged persons, and the poor enter the justice system. The public must see members of our local judiciary and court staff working with urgency to attain this goal in equal solidarity with them, with other justice-related institutions, and with each other.”

Clark said she has asked a diverse group to help her create a mission that will show the public the court system has a commitment to equity.

According to our partners at, a spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office said the office plans to have a meeting with the president judge to figure out more details of her end goal.

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