Hearing for accused Tree of Life shooter continues as defense wants anti-Semitic statements tossed

PITTSBURGH — Police body cam video showed Robert Bowers lying with a sheet on top of him and a tourniquet wrapped around his arm.

FBI agents, detectives, and medical personnel surrounded him in the ambulance, as they rushed him to Allegheny General Hospital not long after he got into a gunfight with police. He’s charged with the deaths of 11 people who were inside the Tree of Life synagogue.

When prosecutors began playing the video, a few people in the courtroom put their heads down and began tearing up.

A city detective testified that he read Bowers his Miranda rights, but that part was not captured on the body cam video.

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Bowers told the detective that he wanted an attorney, so the detective told the judge he didn’t interrogate him about the shooting.

However, the detective and an FBI special agent asked if there were any bombs or other shooters, and prefaced their questions by saying it was a public safety concern.

The topic of whether Bowers was coherent and responsive also came up, to which multiple officers and paramedics testified he was.

The defense is asking the judge to not allow the anti-Semitic statements Bowers allegedly made to be used in his eventual trial, but the judge won’t make that decision until weeks from now.

Another status hearing is scheduled for January, and no trial date has been set.