Help still available as eviction ban comes to end

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A nationwide ban on evictions expires Saturday, but there’s still help available, and leaders say people have to act now.

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In Pennsylvania alone, officials say one in every 5,000 households could be at risk for eviction. The hope is that tenants and landlords can work together, since both are impacted by this.

For tenants, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched a new tool (CLICK HERE) so they can search for help online.

There’s also the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which would cover things like rent and utilities. A lot of the federal money for the program is still there.

“Evictions should be a last resort,” Meg Snead, acting secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, said. “But if that’s not possible, these funds can also be used for security deposits or looking for new housing, but you have to apply today for that assistance to become available to you.”

Pennsylvania received about $850 million for emergency rental and utility assistance, but the state has only paid out about 17% of its cut.

A lot of people have applied for help and are still waiting for it. According to state data, at least 44,000 applications for assistance were pending at the end of June. About 17,500 have been completed.

The emergency funds expire at the end of September.