• Man accused of selling 9 pounds of marijuana to undercover officers


    HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A Westmoreland County man already accused of being a big drug dealer in the area is facing even more charges.

    Police say Nickolas Hobaugh had more than 50 pounds of marijuana in his Hempfield Township house, and now allege that he sold $7,000 worth of weed to undercover cops.

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    "As far as this case is concerned, they’ve overcharged, requested bond off the charts, in this county. You have people charged with homicides that don’t have bonds this high," Hobaugh's defense attorney, Duke George, said.

    Channel 11 was there last week when Hobaugh was taken into custody after a search of his home on Liberty Hill Road. 

    Prosecutors said Hobaugh has no history of employment, but allegedly said he had the money for bond, which is currently set at $500,000.



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