• Woman attacked on street after man asked her for sexual favors, police say


    PITTSBURGH - A woman was attacked along a street in Homewood after police said a man asked her for sex.

    According to investigators, the victim was walking on Susquehenna and Albion streets in Homewood, where Michael Spencer allegedly approached her. 

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    Police said: "She repeatedly told the male, ‘No,' but he continued to approach her. She tried to leave when Spencer grabbed her and the two began to struggle."

    She then told police: "Spencer got on top of her, putting his body weight on her causing her to gasp for air due to his size. She began screaming for help, and eventually able to get away from Spencer and leave the area." 

    Police said Spencer got away with her purse.

    Investigators eventually found him and took him into custody.

    Spencer allegedly told police he was trying to break up a fight between the victim and someone else.

    He is in jail without bond. 



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