How to avoid scammers knocking on your door this summer

How to avoid scammers knocking on your door this summer

It's the time of year where the mailman isn't the only person showing up at your front door. People looking to scam you are out in full force.

Experts say legitimate businesses do use door to door solicitations, but scammers also capitalize on this opportunity to essentially steal your money, take your personal information and then disappear.

The scams are coming in the form of home improvement projects, home security installations, and typical spring services, like getting your gutters cleaned.

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It’s common for them to offer to re seal your driveway inspect your roof perhaps even inspect your air conditioner in advance of the summer season.

The Better Business Bureaus also warned some of these guys looking to scam you even have credentials and look the part.


Utility impostors can be tricky as they will often knock on your door in a plausible uniform claiming to have credentials for the utility company they’re claiming to represent, said officials from the BBB

A typical electric utility scammer will tell you that your meter needs to be replaced immediately at your expense. but it's not just about getting you to pay.   In many cases they will ask for access to your home.

What they are really doing is either casing  out your home or just using that as an opportunity to steal valuables, experts with the BBB said.

Another red flag is being asked to pay for the job upfront and in cash.   In most cases only a third of the payment should be required.\