Humane officers find 2 dead dogs, 1 severely underweight dog inside man's home

Humane officers find 2 dead dogs, 1 severely underweight dog inside man's home

HOMESTEAD, Pa. — Humane officers found two dead dogs inside a man's home in Homestead, along with another dog that is severely underweight.

The dog that was found alive is now at Animal Friends getting the care she needs.

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"I tried everything, everything in my power to try and correct the problem, try to make it better. I lost. I just lost," Kevin Delaney, the dogs' owner, said.

Delaney's 2-year-old Rottweiler was removed from his home earlier this week. It all started when police called Animal Friends for some help.

"We also did find a deceased dog and a deceased puppy in the home as well," said Shannon Clarke, the director of communications at Animal Friends.


Delaney said he was in the hospital for a week and asked a friend to check on his dogs.

"He didn't get a chance to come down and feed them," Delaney said.

Delaney said he lives alone and needs help. His neighbors said they hardly ever saw the dogs outside.

Delaney said there are feces in his house. Channel 11 was there as neighbors confronted him about his dogs and the smell that comes from his house.

Delaney said he is going to get his house cleaned up and even try to get his dog back.

We contacted police several times but haven't heard back. It's unclear if charges will be filed.

Delaney said he plans on getting a lawyer to fight this.