Hundreds pay their respects to Antwon Rose

Hundreds pay respect to Antwone Rose

Hundreds of people took time to stop at the Tunie Funeral Home in Homestead for Antwon Rose's viewing Sunday evening.

It was a sobering day, and though there were tears, there were also plenty of smiles as friends and family members remembered 17-year-old Rose, who was shot and killed by East Pittsburgh police Officer Michael Rosfeld last week.

<p>Source: Facebook</p>

Source: Facebook

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"Just a smile that would light up your whole room. It didn't matter how much stress or pressure he was under. He was just happy," Rose's former manager, Tammy Overly, said.

Overly said Rose flashed his smile just about every time he worked with her. Overly hired Rose at the Forrest Hills Domino's Pizza and brought him on at other locations because, she said, he was such a hard worker.


"He took over a shift that a grown person couldn't do and he stuck through it," Overly said.

The officer who allegedly shot Rose, Michael Rosfeld, was charged Wednesday -- two days after the funeral.

"When Officer Michael Rosfeld saw him, he wasn't holding a gun. He didn't present a danger to others, to law enforcement. He was just a kid running scared and Officer Rosfeld just shot him," said Rose family attorney Lee Merritt.

The family's attorney also wants Allegheny County removed from the investigation.

"We do believe there exist some bias within the DA's office," Merritt said.