Hundreds stranded after storms divert Qatar Airways flight to Pittsburgh

Hundreds stranded after storms divert Qatar Airways flight to Pittsburgh

MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Hundreds of passengers are stranded after a Qatar Airways flight from Qatar to Washington, D.C. was diverted to Pittsburgh because of bad weather.

"It was tramautic. It was chaotic and tramautic and stressful for everyone involved," said passenger Sabrina Rahman.

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Rahman had to take a bus to Washington on Thursday night after she was one of 350 passengers diverted to Pittsburgh International Airport.

"We were told by the airline staff that reps from Qatar would be waiting on the ground for us to give directions, that there would be a hotel for the night and the next morning we would be flown to D.C., which was our final destination, but once we got out of immigration, there was not a single person from Qatar," Rahman said.


Rahman said it took two hours for them to get any kind of direction and eventually the passengers were told they could stay at a local hotel but had to take a taxi. Their other option was driving to D.C. and the airline would reimburse them for the car rental.

Option three was a shuttle bus to D.C. that seats 40 people.

Rahman said it was a mad scramble to get on the bus.

"It was sort of every man for himself, right? Forty people can get on this bus and everyone trying to get on the bus and not be left behind," Rahman said.

Channel 11 reached out to Qatar Airways, but we have no heard back yet.