‘I heard this scream’: Teen saves little brother from drowning in backyard pool

NEW KENSINGTON, Pa. — The Croney family of eight was celebrating a birthday in their backyard pool when 4-year-old Cub managed to get outside, lose his footing and fall into the water.

“My bedroom window was open, and I heard this scream. It’s something that will never leave my body. I close my eyes and I hear it,” said Rich Cantolina, the boy’s father.

Cub was pulled from the water by his older sister. His lips were blue, and he seemed lifeless. That’s when his brother Griffin sprang into action.

“I came in and took my brother’s body out of her hands, and I started doing CPR to him,” Griffin said. “It just came into my head to start doing chest compressions.”

Griffin said he doesn’t know CPR and was never trained.

Cantolina has a theory: guardian angels.

“In my mind, he will be a hero forever,” he said. “I’m just glad he’s here today.”