13 arrested for alleged ties to illegal gambling ring

13 arrested for ties to illegal gambling ring

NORTH HUNTINGDON, Pa. — After years of investigating, the state attorney general’s office is bringing down a long-time alleged illegal gambling operation.

Agents say the Iannelli Illegal Gambling Enterprise was operating a sports betting and lottery system throughout Westmoreland and Allegheny counties.

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It was a business so lucrative, it allegedly brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars a week for the father and son accused of running it.

Police said Robert and Rodney Iannelli ran the organization while agents used wire taps and informants to grasp the inner workings. The ring allegedly used nicknames and regularly switched phones to thwart law enforcement.

During recent searches, fax machines and betting documents were seized.

“I can’t comment on what their rationale is on bringing these charges but just like you said gambling is legal now in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it’s not the type of case they should get real excited about it," defense attorney Duke George said.

The father and son leaders would allegedly meet at their daughters' restaurant, Chubbs in Allison Park, to square up with customers.