• Improvement project to make South Side street safer


    PITTSBURGH - For years, there has been a push to make East Carson Street on the South Side safer.

    Some say it's one of the most dangerous roads in Pittsburgh if you're trying to cross the street.

    But a big improvement project will stretch from 33rd Street all the way down to the Smithfield Street bridge.

    Different blocks will see different things: some will get curb bump-outs, new ramps and paving, while others will get new lights, pedestrian countdown signals, more noticeable crosswalks and raised medians.


    According to PennDOT officials, East Carson Street has the second-highest pedestrian crash location in our region.

    "I think it could be better," said Serena Venages. "I think sometimes people don't really keep an eye out as much for pedestrians, and that can be improved upon.”

    While the construction could cause a headache and reduce parking, Mike Simco, manager at the Metro PCS near South 18th Street said it will be worth it. 

    "To make things better you have to have some sacrifices," Simco said. 

    The work is expected to begin this fall, and there will be limited parking.

    It is expected to last into 2019.



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