Increased security at Monroeville Mall after shots fired outside

Increased security at Monroeville Mall after shots fired outside

MONROEVILLE, Pa. — There is increased security at Monroeville Mall Saturday after shots were fired outside Friday night.

According to a mall spokesperson, both Macy's and the rest of the mall are operating with normal hours. The doors of Macy's were boarded up this morning.

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In addition to increased security, there is also a police presence patrolling the interior and exterior of the mall, according to a spokesperosn.

Police said they were called to the mall after a group of two men got into an altercation in the middle of the mall before spilling out into the parking lot around 8 p.m.

Once outside, one of the men, who was wearing a black coat with yellow striping, turned around and fired at least 10 rounds toward the mall, according to police.

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As of now, there are no known victims, police said, but it is still possible that someone was hit.

Police said the mall went into lockdown as a precaution and officers took around 30 minutes to verify no one was inside.

When Channel 11's Gabriella DeLuca arrived on the scene, she could see several bullet holes in the front doors of Macy's and multiple shell casings outside.

Police said that no one has been arrested, but there are surveillance cameras throughout the area and they are hoping that the footage will lead them in the right direction.