Infant in neck brace after part of apartment ceiling collapses

BELLEVUE, Pa. — An infant is in a neck brace after part of an apartment ceiling collapsed on top of her.

A couple shared photos of the terrifying aftermath of the bathroom ceiling collapse on 3-month-old Sophia Wolfe.

It happened at an apartment in Bellevue over the weekend.

"I saw my baby girl, the love of my life, my first child being tumbled with layers of tile and metal brackets and a lighting fixture that probably weighed 10 pounds coming crashing down," said the father, Isaiah Wolfe.

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Wolfe and his fiancee Cailey Jones, told Channel 11 they alerted their landlord to the drooping ceiling almost two months ago,but it hadn't been fixed.

When Channel 11 talked to the landlord over the phone on Monday, he told us a maintenance person went to inspect it, but assessed that the ceiling was stable.

"You can't put a price on someone's life. That is my daughter. She could have just died," Wolfe said.

The baby girl was rushed to the emergency room and immediately put into a neck brace and given X-rays and tests.

"Somehow she ended up with a couple bruises and cuts underneath her eye and bleeding a little bit and a couple bruises on her chest and luckily that's all it was," Wolfe said.

Channel 11's Gabriella DeLuca called Bellevue's Code Enforcement Office on Monday to see if they were investigating. We're waiting to hear back.