• Intruder killed by homeowner identified as a family member


    ELLPORT, Pa. - The intruder shot and killed by an elderly homeowner in Lawrence County early Friday morning has been identified as the shooter's nephew-in-law.  

    Investigators tell Channel 11 the man has been identified as Dennis Mercadante, 49.

    Mercadante was identified by using facial recognition by Pennsylvania State Police.  

    Investigators said Don Lutz, 84, was confronted by two intruders, Mercadante and another suspect, about 1:30 a.m. Friday at his Jamison Avenue home, authorities said. An altercation followed.

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    “I just fired one. It was in the dark. He attacked me and he was up close and I shot him,” Lutz said.


    “They jumped me and we both went on the floor. I scuffled with them on the floor and the one guy rolled over dead and the other guy, he jumped up and went out the door.”

    Police are still searching for the second suspect, who ran off. 

    “The other one, maybe the bullet hit him, too. I don’t know. I hope so,” Lutz said.


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