Woman accused of stealing nearly $300K from employer

Woman accused of stealing nearly $300K from employer

MT. LEBANON, Pa. — A woman is accused of stealing nearly $300,000 from a company she’s worked at for the past decade.

Karen Vechter was the highest paid employee at the Braff Group, according to its CEO, but that apparently didn’t stop her from taking more.

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CEO Dexter Braff talked to Channel 11's Gordon Loesch Thursday and said he and his family are still coming to terms with this.

“It was a tremendous betrayal.  My kids cried, because Karen put on a facade of really caring for them,” he said.

Police said Vechter used the money to buy vacations, alcohol, gifts for her family and possibly even a wedding gift for Braff's daughter.

"You know, its like, I guess you can be really generous when its not your money, Braff said.