Keeping your pets calm during fireworks

Keeping your pets calm during fireworks

BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. — Many dogs do not like thunder or fireworks. Channel 11 asked the Beaver County Human Society for ideas on how to keep your pet a little calmer during all the celebration.

“We ask you to be cautious and to be by their side,” executive director of the Beaver County Humane Society Susan Salyards said.

Salyards said cats can also suffer from anxiety just like dogs. Some get so scared, they can run away.

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Posted by Beaver County Humane Society on Friday, July 3, 2020

“Shelters often see animals as strays because of fireworks. They get anxious, they will jump out windows and they will jump out doors,” Salyards said.

She suggested bringing your pets inside and closing the windows during fireworks. Try to keep the animal calm by distracting them from what’s happening outside.

“It’s important that people tire their animals out beforehand. Make sure you feed the animal early. Water them. Take them outside so they can go to the bathroom. Put them in your house in a quiet spot,” she said.

Special shirts or tight fitting clothing can help to keep your dog calm. There are also medications and CBD products designed to calm your pets too.

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