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4th motorcycle club member files lawsuit over fight with police officers

PITTSBURGH — A new lawsuit has been filed in the bar brawl between motorcycle club members and undercover Pittsburgh police officers.

This is the fourth lawsuit filed by a member of the Pagans motorcycle club stemming from that October fight at Kopy’s Bar on the South Side.

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The Pagans claim the officers had been drinking all night and taunting them. They also say the officers started the brawl.

Criminal charges against the four Pagans were dismissed, and the officers have been on paid suspension since the fight.

We asked the mayor's chief of staff about the delay in discipline.

"The key is to get it right and we work under the laws we have to follow to do it, but when you are dealing with a situaiton like this with the public, the key is to get it right," Dan Gilman said.


In this newest lawsuit, Bruce Thomas claims the officers used excessive force and he's accusing them of malicious prosecution and false arrest.

Investigative reporter Rick Earle has been covering this case since October. He reached out to city officials and the police union after this new lawsuit was filed but no one would talk about any disciplinary action against the four officers.

The U.S. Attorney's Office did look into the fight but decided not to pursue any charges against the officers.