• Lawsuit claims Greensburg Diocese covered up allegations of sexual assault


    GREENSBURG, Pa. - The Diocese of Greensburg is being sued by a woman who claims she was raped by a former priest for years.

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    Only known as “Jane Doe,” she claims the church covered it up by moving the priest, despite knowing he was a sexual predator. 

    "Make no mistake, she is a courageous woman," said attorney Richard Serbin. "She's stepped forward to bring this to the public's attention with the hope other kids are spared this abuse."

    Jane Doe only surfaced when she saw Father George Pierce's name listed in the Attorney General's grand jury report in 2018. She said she was raped as many as 40-50 times as a girl, when Pierce was her priest at Holy Family Church in Seward in the 1970s.


    The victim is suing the diocese and the only surviving bishops for fraud and conspiracy. Her attorney said the diocese knew of allegations against Pierce prior to his client ever being touched.

    “Those that allowed him to continue, including the bishops of this diocese, in my opinion were more heinous -- more evil," said Serbin.

    Pierce retired from priesthood in 1998 in the Diocese of Erie and died in 2009.

    The woman did apply for the diocese's victim compensation fund and was able to get the maximum of about $88,000, according to Serbin.

    However, he said that is not why she is doing this. She wants to expose the truth, so no other children fall victim.


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