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Legislation aims to prevent pregnancy discrimination in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — Measures to prevent and combat pregnancy discrimination against workers in Pittsburgh were announced Tuesday morning by city leaders.

Pittsburgh City Council member Erika Strassburger introduced legislation, and the City of Pittsburgh’s Commission on Human Relations released an accompanying guidance document for employers.

The legislation “would explicitly prohibit employment discrimination against pregnant individuals, those seeking to become pregnant, and their partners before, during, and after the nine-month gestation period and after childbirth,” a news release said.

CLICK HERE to read the legislation.

With the change, Pittsburgh would become one of the first jurisdictions nationwide to clearly safeguard employment protections for the partners of employees who are pregnant, according to officials. The legislation would also make the city one of the few to guarantee employment protections for pregnancy-related events -- such as appointments and procedures -- occurring before, during and after gestation.

“Employees should not be forced to choose between their livelihood and their reproductive decisions. My legislation ensures that pregnant workers, regardless of whether they work in a corporate office, a retail store or a warehouse, can work in a safe and comfortable environment, attend medical appointments and sustain a healthy pregnancy without fear of losing their job or benefits,” Strassburger said.

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The change to the City Code may require employers to provide modifications to employees’ work spaces and offer justifiable flexibility in scheduling.

The Commission on Human Relations' Guidance Document (CLICK HERE to read) was created to help employers better understand their rights and responsibilities regarding employees who are pregnant or seeking to become pregnant and their partners.