• Litter of kittens, their mother abandoned by dumpster at local shopping center


    HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A litter of kittens and a mother cat were abandoned by a dumpster in a Greensburg-area shopping complex.

    The people accused of leaving them behind were caught on camera.

    PHOTOS: Kittens, cat abandoned by dumpster at local shopping center

    The animals were found near M&M Leather in Hempfield Township off of Route 30. Humane officers started investigating after the video surfaced on social media.

    The kittens were all rescued and are safe.

    The mother cat was found early Thursday morning near the dumpster where the kittens were left. She will be vetted and available for adoption through Wayward Whiskers.

    Investigators are now doing everything they can to track down the man and woman seen in the video and hold them accountable.

    "People who do these kinds of things are cowards," said Andrea Palmer, a humane officer at All But Furgotten. "There’s so many rescues out there, there are so many shelters. There’s so many other options, just reach out. Social media has so many open doors, reach out to somebody.” 



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