• Local church pleads with city to help fix dangerous road full of potholes


    PITTSBURGH - A Pittsburgh road is in very bad shape. 

    In fact, East Hills Drive in the East Hills is so bad that drivers flagged down a Channel 11 crew to ask if they could figure out why the city hasn't repaired it. 

    A local church, community members and school bus drivers all say the road is dangerous.

    "The potholes are getting larger and larger and it’s getting more and more dangerous for people to travel this," said Elder Jim Balthrop, the chief operating elder of Petra International Ministries.


    He said the city used to maintain the road near his church, but stopped when the East Hills Shopping Center went away.

    Petra owns part of the road, but Balthrop said the city should take full responsibility for it because it's the gateway to the community.

    "The city does share responsibility or else they would not have put that light right in this area, it would just be a stop sign here," Balthrop said.

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    He told Channel 11 his team has been working hard to resolve this and that Councilman Ricky Burgess promised to help several times, but nothing has happened.

    "I met with him at least three times, I called his office even today and my prayer is that now that the election is over we will be able to get his undivided attention and bring a positive resolve to this whole matter," Balthrop said.

    Channel 11 also contacted Burgess' office and did not hear back.


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