• Local firefighter passes away after long battle with heart problems


    A Kirwan Heights firefighter died on Monday after a long battle with heart problems.

    Channel 11 told you when Aaron Card, 29, received a heart transplant in 2017. Our thoughts are with his family and his fellow firefighters.

    Family and friends called him "one of a kind." And his family said no matter what he was going through, he never gave up his drive or his fight.

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    "He was in the hospital for a month, but to his credit, his reputation, his ethic... he pulled right back up. He said I'm not ready to be done," said his wife Tira Card.

    Despite more treatments, Aaron Card passed away on Monday.

    His wife told Channel 11 he gave back even after death. 

    "He was able to donate cornea, tissue and bone, and that was very important to him to give back as much as he could give back," she said.

    Because of Card's preexisting condition, he could not get life insurance, so the medical bills have been mounting for his family.

    The family has set up a GoFundMe account.



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