Local grandmother returns home after 4-month battle with COVID-19

A local grandmother is back home after spending four months recovering from COVID-19, and her family is calling it a victory over the virus.

“It feels great to be home with all my kids,” said Maria Teresa Campagna.

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For the first time in months, Campagna was able to step outside. She was wheeled out of The Grove in Harmony Township Saturday into the arms of her loved ones after recovering from the coronavirus.

“We never thought she would make it. The doctors, they didn’t say, but we felt she was in really, really bad shape,” said her husband, Filippo.

Nonna, as she’s known to her 10 grandchildren, was diagnosed in late March with symptoms she didn’t think were related to COVID-19. In fact, her husband had the same symptoms a week before she did.

They went to the hospital, which turned into a 120-day stay in three medical facilities. More than five of those weeks were spent on a ventilator.

It was the first time in 49 years of marriage that Maria and Filippo were apart.

Her T-shirt as she left the hospital Saturday said “Nonna kicks butt.” And she told Channel 11 she is a living miracle.

“Don’t ever give up. It’s up there, the help. That’s all I can say,” Campagna said.