• Local landlord being called hero after catching alleged package thief


    North Oakland landlord Mike McSorley was at a loss for words as he looked back at pics of himself stopping a suspected package thief right in his tracks.

    "I approached him and asked him if I could talk to him for a second,” McSorley said.


    McSorley's co-workers snapped the photos moments after he confronted the man on the corner of Bayard Street and Melwood Avenue this afternoon.

    "I think he realized the gig was up and he kind of ran into me and I grabbed him and got him on the ground,” McSorley said.

    He continued to hold him down until police got there.

    Pittsburgh police confirm they arrested and charged the man, 42-year-old David Samuel. 

    They say he's responsible for at least two package thefts at an apartment building on Melwood Avenue. 
    McSorley shared a video with Channel 11 showing Samuel allegedly in the act.

    He said he's not sure he would do something like this again and has a message to the suspect.

    "I just hope whatever is causing him to do this.... I hope he can get his life together,” McSorley said.

    McSorley knows a thing or two about defending himself. He coaches and trains several professional boxers. 




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