Local man accused of rolling back odometers, forging documents on several cars he sold

ADAMS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — An Adams Township man is accused of selling cars that had been tampered with.

According to investigators, the man had no real business, operated out of a parking lot and conned a lot of people.

Police said Brian Frazin rolled back odometers in the cars to make it look like they had fewer miles on them.

Frazin is charged with defrauding 10 different people over the last 18 months. The crimes all went down in a parking lot on Downieville Road in Adams Township, just half a mile from his home.

According to police documents, Frazin placed advertisements on Craigslist selling cars and met potential buyers in that parking lot.


However, police said Frazin doctored the odometers, forged notary papers, and charged more money for the cars than they were actually worth.

Court documents show one of the cars was a 2002 Toyota RAV. The odometer read just over 70,000 miles, but police said the real mileage was nearly 400,000.

Frazin charged $4,300 when the true value of the car was only $1,300.

When police searched Frazin's home, they found 13 odometers, 38 vehicle owner manuals, two fake notary stamps and $18,000 in cash.

He was arrested in June for similar crimes. State police said this investigation continues, and they are looking for more victims.